Building your computer is a great way to save money and have complete control over what goes into it. In this article, we will take you through the process of building a computer from scratch. This article is aimed at those with little or no experience in computing, but anyone curious about how they work can learn something new!

A computer is simply a machine that can carry out tasks by following instructions. These are called programs, and there are two types: system software (the most important of which is the operating system) and application software. The former manages all the hardware in your computer to provide an environment for running applications, while the latter is what you will be using to do things like check your email or create a document.

Since we’re creating our computer, we’ll need the following:

  • A case (this can be an old PC tower)
  • Processor and heat sink (the processor usually comes with its heat sink) – RAM (random access memory), which is needed for temporary data storage
  • Motherboard with the appropriate number of slots for each component
  • Graphics card suitable to your needs, if you want one. If not, then get a motherboard that has integrated graphics capabilities. We’ll go over what you need for this – Hard drive (this is where your operating system and applications will be stored; they can either come with the motherboard or as an external hard drive) – Optical drive, which may not seem necessary now but could save you in the future.


If you are looking to build your first gaming PC, this article will walk you through the process step-by-step. First, we will talk about what parts make up a Gaming PC and which ones you should focus on when building one. Second, I’ll share my Gaming PC Build Guide that has proven to be very successful for me. You can follow it or create your own Gaming PC Build Guide using the instructions below.

Building the Ultimate Gaming PC

Step-by-step Gaming PC Build Guide:


List of parts needed for the Gaming PC build – explained in detail below. *Note* This Gaming PC can play all current and upcoming triple-A titles at Ultra settings @ 60+ FPS! Also, this Gaming PC will be expandable, so you won’t have to upgrade for years.

  • Gaming PC Build Guide Explained Below –
  • Gaming PC Operating System: Windows (free)

Monitor/TV to connect your Gaming PC to display output: Any LED monitor should do, but if you want the best possible picture quality, go with an IPS panel monitor that is 27 inches or more prominent and has a refresh rate of 144Hz. (Note: Gaming monitors are expensive, but they’re worth it)

 Gaming PC Monitor Recommendations –

Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo for your Gaming PC Build: I recommend you buy the Logitech G Pro Gaming keyboard and mouse combo because both products have received very positive reviews.

Headphones to use with your Gaming PC Build: Just like with Gaming Monitors, Gaming headsets are expensive. I recommend the Steel Series Arctic Pro because it has high-quality audio and is very comfortable to wear for long periods. It also allows you to game wireless or wired, which means you can use wireless when streaming on Twitch/Mixer but keep a wired connection for Gaming PC use.

 Gaming Headset Recommendations –

Gaming PC Power Supply: A power supply is a critical part of your Gaming PC Build, and it’s essential to research the different brands before you buy. One big thing I look at when choosing a Power Supply is if my PSU has enough PCI-E connections for my Gaming PC’s components. Make sure you have enough connections before buying your Gaming PC Power Supply. Otherwise, it won’t work with all of the parts in your Gaming PC Build.

 Best Gaming PSUs –

Gaming CPU Processor for your Gaming PC: The Intel i9300k is an absolute beast in processor power, and it’s also very efficient. It can be overclocked to improve Gaming PC performance, and it has a base clock speed of at least – make sure you get the K version if you plan on overclocking your Gaming CPU Processor for a better Gaming PC performance.

 Best Gaming CPU’s (Processors) –

Gaming RAM Memory: Go with 32GBs of DDR-2400 Gaming Memory because performance RAM kits are much more expensive than standard Gaming PC memory.

Gaming PC Motherboard: There are many great Gaming motherboards on the market, but I chose the Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming motherboard for my Gaming PC Build Guide because it is explicitly designed to support overclocking your Gaming CPU Processor (which is what you should do if you want to get the most Gaming PC performance out of your Gaming Build).

 Best Gaming Motherboards –

Gaming HDD Hard Drive: Go with a SATA III Gaming HDD because they are cheaper than any other type of Gaming hard drive. It won’t affect your Gaming performance either way, so it’s an easy choice.

Gaming HDD vs. SSD –

Gaming Graphics Card: NVIDIA recently released the Ge Force RTX 2080 series of Gaming GPU s, and it is by far the most potent Gaming graphics card I have ever seen. It can run all current and upcoming triple-A titles on Ultra settings @ 60+ FPS! This Gaming PC Build Guide will allow you to play all Gaming titles on Ultra settings for years to come.


 Best Gaming Cases –

Gaming PC Operating System: If you’re building your first gaming PC and want to install Windows on it, I recommend that you get the Pro version because it allows for more Gaming optimizations than the Home edition. Gaming PCs should use Windows Pro because Gaming is a serious thing, and you need the extra features that only come with the paid version.


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