How would you like to earn money from your social media posts? Whether you have a popular Twitter account, are an Instagram influencer, or have connections through Facebook, you can make some cash simply by posting about different companies and their products. It’s easier than you might think; here are five ways to earn money from social media. Generating traffic to your social media profiles is one thing, but attracting an audience that’s interested in what you have to say (and therefore will pay attention to and share your content) is another.

1. Build an Audience

If you don’t already have an established audience on at least one social media platform, begin building it out by investing time into creating quality content and promoting it across multiple networks until it reaches a critical mass of followers. The only way to grow your following is through people finding value in what you have to say; for example, if people think you’re funny or entertaining, they’ll be more inclined to follow along. Most importantly though, don’t try too hard; let things develop naturally as genuine interest from real people usually speaks for itself.

2. Grow Your Following on Social Media

The most obvious way to earn money from social media is to grow your following. Every platform has a different way to track followers—LinkedIn, for example, tracks connections while Facebook tracks Likes and Twitter counts favorites and retweets—but every platform counts followers as a metric of influence. And if you have a significant following on any platform, it’s easy to leverage that network by promoting products or services.

Use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule posts across multiple platforms at once so you can share information about upcoming events, promotional offers, or news about a product launch. This approach also works well for building brand awareness. If people see information about your company frequently enough, they’ll be more likely to remember who you are when it comes time to purchase something.

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3. Capitalize on Ads

You don’t need to be a Twitter or Instagram star to earn money on social media platforms. You can also make a little cash by allowing brands to advertise on your page. It’s as simple as setting up an ad campaign with Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads, and filling out their request forms. You can target followers of competitors and partners (since they already trust you), which will help draw in new followers, too.

Look into advertising opportunities that aren’t location specific; once you build your following, you can become a micro-influencer! For example, I was recently approved for an influencer program for Degree Deodorant—that means when someone searches for women’s deodorant on Amazon, my post will appear alongside it. Yes, I get paid if people click through! This just one way I earn extra income from my personal accounts. Not bad at all.

4. Use Affiliate Links

Many brands offer affiliate programs, which allow you to earn a commission on sales made through your link. The best way to find these opportunities is to check out affiliate directories, like FlexOffers and Share-A-Sale. Essentially, you sign up for free with a company, then put their links into your content. When someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase (or any other action), you earn a commission—it’s basically an easy way to monetize your website or Facebook page. Keep in mind that affiliate marketing doesn’t always have to be direct selling; if you have a popular website, you can also become an affiliate marketer without selling anything yourself.

5) Monetize a Website

There are many ways to monetize a website, but you’ll want to find a way that doesn’t interfere with your user experience. Many people choose ads because they provide a simple, direct way to make money from readers. Sites like AdSense are great for getting online cash flow up and running. When you sign up for an account, Google will automatically place relevant ads on your site and pay you when someone clicks on them. We recommend reading these seven tips before diving into ad placement. The easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing is by promoting other sites in your niche or industry—and earning commissions off their products or services—but it can also be helpful (and fun) to promote other content creators (like bloggers) who share similar interests as yours.

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